Baby Doser :: 39 Weeks!

Holy crap. I’m 39 weeks pregnant. So any day now, I’m going to be a mom. Responsible for a tiny little being. I’m so glad I have my awesome husband, Jamie, right here with me. He’s going to be such a fantastic dad. Heaven help us if it’s a little girl though. He’s a sucker for little girls. So far, I think Jamie and I are the two least anxious about Smij’s arrival. We’re very excited, and we’re totally ready if when Smij decides to join us. But we’ve been getting phone calls, text messages, and Facebook messages, etc. telling us to hurry things along and start trying all the old wive’s tales tricks to induce labor. Our friends and families are just so excited for us and for Smij! The first person in the baby pool lost on Friday the 13th, and the next guess is June 17th. But I’m not to that point that every pregnant woman inevitably gets to where she’s just done being pregnant, and Jamie’s still painting the changing table…so we’re just letting nature take it’s course at this point.

Week 38 was pretty good. Pregnancy-wise I still feel great. But I got a terrible cold and have been sick since Tuesday. I spent most of Wednesday in bed and between getting up to pee and all the coughing, I kept Jamie up all night Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We were both pretty exhausted all weekend. But we did get to take a Friday nap after work! It may have been our last one, so we slept way too long. It was awesome. I made a new delicious recipe for dinner and froze enough for three more meals after Smij arrives. I thought maybe I was starting to nest, but in the end I was just too exhausted (even after our long nap) to do much.

We spent Saturday and Sunday at Happy Bambino┬átaking a class on breastfeeding and newborn care. It was an awesome class and the other couples were so great! It’s amazing what our bodies do to prepare and take care of babies. We definitely feel more prepared and confident now, and we’re excited to stay in touch with everyone we met in class. We even had a nice couple offer to bring us food when the baby arrives! Who in their right mind would say no to that!?

Sunday night I worked on the website (check out the babies gallery!) and had Braxton Hicks contractions for about an hour and a half. They were seven minutes apart, but really short and not even a little painful, so I was confident nothing was going to happen. Jamie wasn’t as sure and was planning to head out for groceries, but the changing table won out in the end and the contractions stopped around 9:30. I was happy about that because I prefer not to go into labor at the end of a long day. But I have very little control over that, so hopefully Smij cooperates from the get-go and I’m well-rested and ready when things start to happen.

So – here it is! Possibly the last (but most likely not) pregnant photo of me. Jamie says I look like a sit-com mom.

39 Weeks!

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