Baby Doser :: 33 Weeks!

33 weeks was another great one. I’m still feeling good, aside from being exhausted when I get home from work and the occasional stop-you-in-your-tracks leg cramps. I’ve been enjoying afternoon naps again, and I will continue to do so as much as I can now, because I know they won’t be part of my day for long.

We had our last of 10 birthing classes on Thursday, where we talked about post-partum…I don’t know if I wanted to learn everything I did! That sounds way worse than being pregnant. But at least I’ll have Baby Doser to keep me in good spirits. We also had an appointment with our midwife, Tehmina (who is amazing, by the way). Baby Doser doesn’t really like to cooperate and isn’t staying in one position yet. It’s also hard to tell what that position is. If she’s not sure if Baby Doser is head down at our next appointment, I’ve got to get an ultrasound. Hopefully all will be well. If not, I’ll do my darndest to get the baby to turn. I really don’t want to have a C-section. I was also in a few photos with Tehmina for an article she’ll be featured in for Brava magazine here in Madison. It’s awesome exposure for her!

Jamie and I had an amazing weekend. We had no obligations to travel, so we got a lot done around the house on Friday night and Saturday morning. Then we headed off to the Madison Concourse Hotel for a free night’s stay and dinner at their restaurant. We had a gift certificate from our wedding…two years ago. We got all gussied up for dinner, which was amazing, then I took a nap while Jamie took advantage of having cable for a little while. Then we headed out to get some delicious ice cream at Chocolate Shoppe. Holy amazing! This is my new favorite spot. We had planned on singing some Gomeroke (live band karaoke) at the High Noon Saloon, but there was a private party. I guess Gomeroke is on Friday nights. So we decided to hit a random bar that had karaoke. We ended up at Moe’s, close to the hotel. We figured we’d stay long enough for Jamie to have a beer or two and for me to sing one song. We stayed until close. It was amazing. The best people watching and train wrecks a girl could ask for. The DJ was awesome (in a what the Hell!? kind of way). And the mix of people was just incredible. We will be going back. Sunday we  finally saw The Hunger Games. It was pretty good, and I’m sure we’ll see the other two when they come out. We got a little more done around the house and then just relaxed on the couch. Something we haven’t really been able to do in a long time. We’re happy to have our week nights back so we can work on Baby Doser’s room and just hang out every once in a while.

On Friday I realized that we’re (most likely) going to be parents next month. Holy cow! Where did the past 7 1/2 months go!? I won’t lie. I’m starting to get a little freaked out about giving birth. But it’s going to happen, so I might as well just calm down and accept that I’m going to go through this incredible life-changing event. Man, it’s a good thing babies are so cute!

33 Weeks


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