Family at the Farm

I loved this session with long-time friend Jill and her family at the farm she grew up on in Iowa. There’s nothing like a farmer and his family to make you feel completely welcome and at home. I highly suggest you pick up some delicious Swiss Valley milk and support this wonderful family and farmer!

Family at the Farm


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Meet Baby Boy :: Wilbur

Wilbur is such a sweet little man. It was my pleasure to photograph him and his sweet family when he was just a precious few days old. He also shares a birthday with my daughter, which is pretty sweet. I loved photographing him in his family’s garden and getting to see big sister Layla again as well.

Baby Wilbur


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Lisa & Andy :: Expecting (Again)!

I’ve had the joy of working with Lisa & Andy for nearly two years, starting with their maternity session for their sweet girl. I was excited to hear they are expecting again, and enjoyed capturing Big Sister with the baby bump. Congratulations, Lisa & Andy! I can’t wait to meet your little guy!

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Brian & Leah :: Married!

After meeting Brian & Leah two years ago and shooting two engagement sessions with this lovely couple, I had the honor of photographing their beautiful small town wedding. I enjoyed every carefully planned detail, and had a great time with them and the wedding party in the limo!

Brian & Leah :: Married!

(Special thanks to my awesome assistant, Samara, of Mae Photographics, for carrying my gear, not letting me lose any gear, making sure everything looked perfect, and her general awesomeness!)

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Meet Baby Boy :: Mr. William

Baby William has arrived! He’s the super-sweet baby of Dave & Mayia, two very close friends who have fallen head over heels for their new little man. They are doing an amazing job with him, and are practicing lots of love, patience, and honesty with him and each other. What more could you ask for? Congratulations, Dave & Mayia!

Baby William

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Dave & Mayia :: Expecting!

Dave and Mayia are two incredible people who are loved by many. They are true friends and would do anything for the ones they love. They are so excited to be starting the next chapter in their lives, and it’s obvious that they will be amazing parents. Their love and devotion to each other, friends, and family is a clear sign of how loved their little one will be. Congratulations, Dave & Mayia!

Miller Maternity

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Baby Zoey :: Perfect Little Girl!

Andrea and Joel made no bones about the fact that they were going to start having kids right away after their wedding, and when Miss Zoey finally arrived, they fell right into parenthood as if they were old pros. Miss Zoey is a happy, smiley, cuddly sweet girl who sleeps like a champ and is happy pretty much all the time. I’m so honored to have had the chance to meet her and make her newborn portraits. Congratulations, Andrea and Joel on your perfect little girl!

Baby Zoey :: Perfect Little Girl!

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Andrea & Joel :: You & Me & Baby Makes 3!

These two super-cute, super-sweet friends of mine are expecting a sweet baby girl next month! I’m so excited to meet Baby Girl and watch them become amazing parents. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll fall right into parenthood with ease and grace (as much ease and grace as one can have with newborn poo and spit-up stains on your clothes), and they’ll continue to out-do everyone with amazing Pinterest-inspired bedrooms and furniture. Congratulations, Andrea & Joel!

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Sam is Six Months Old!

Mister Sam is so super cute, and already six months old! He loves his older brother (check him out at six months here), his puppy, and his momma and daddy. And drooling. Oh, does Sam love to drool. He also loves to smile and giggle, so we’re cool with the drooling. His bow tie tee shirt and cardigan made him look especially dapper for his photo shoot, and I had a great time with him!

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Grand Opening Celebration!

The Grand Opening Celebration was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who was able to make it and to those who could not but sent well-wishes. We had a great time playing, dancing, and taking photos at the celebration. I can not express how grateful I am for all the support I receive from all of you, and look forward to making and capturing many more memories with you all!

The Express Sessions were a blast. The kids were having so much fun, and we got some really great portraits in the short amount of time we had with everyone. Here’s a sneak peak of each kid. You can view all of the Express Sessions photos on my Facebook page,

Thank you to Justyna, of Funky Monkey Photography for providing great images of the ribbon cutting and David Landau’s performance!

Grand Opening Celebration!

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